Frequently asked questions

What's a Skim?

A skim is a snippet of information from a webpage. Using our machine learning technology we extract insights from the webpage and create a summary so you can quickly digest the most important parts.

Can I create a skim?

Skims are automatically generated when setting up an alert. We crawl the web for related keyword terms and generate skims that are most relevant to the customer or competitor you want to monitor. The easiest way to create skims is by setting up an alert.

You can also generate a skim manually using our Chrome extension available to download from the Chrome store, so you can add extra content you find when searching the web.

What’s an alert?

An alert is an automatic feed of skims that are pulled in from across the web. We search over 100k+ news sources to find the most relevant information related to a customer or competitor you want insights about.

How do I setup an alert?

Click the blue ‘+’ icon on the left hand side of your page, once logged in. Type the name of your customer or competitor into the keyword field of the alert page. Then hit enter, you may have to wait a few minutes as we fetch new skims for you.

I’ve created an alert but I’m not seeing anything?

If you’ve entered one or two keywords, but you’re still not seeing any skims you can try a few of these solutions:

  1. Try refreshing the page, sometimes it takes a minute to start loading the skims
  2. Delete the keywords and re-enter them again, hit refresh and wait a minute
  3. Try adding more keywords, use similar words, or think outside the box to query different search terms

Can I share an alert with other people?

You can share an alert with other team members, so they are notified of news about customers and competitors automatically. Click the ‘Add Collaborator’ button, and type their email address to send them an invitation to the alert.

Can I add a note to a skim?

To add a note simply click the ‘Note’ button on the skim and start typing. If you’ve invited collaborators to your alert, they will also be able to see your note, and will be able to add their own as well.

What can a collaborator do?

A collaborator can add their own skims or mark relevant/not relevant to any skim in a collection they collaborate on, and view all of the skims and notes by other people. They can’t delete or make notes on other peoples skims.

How do I share an alert without inviting someone to collaborate?

You can only share an alert by inviting someone to collaborate within an individual alert.

Are my alerts public or private?

An alert is private to the owner and any invited collaborators. The information you skim and the notes that you make can not be viewed by anyone that you’ve not granted access to.

What do the Relevant, Not Relevant and Bad Quality buttons do?

Alerts and skims are created to give you the most relevant information about a customer or competitor. By clicking any of the Relevant, Not Relevant or Bad Quality buttons that action is fed back into our algorithm to improve it over time. The more you give feedback, the better the machine gets at understanding your needs.

Can I skim a PDF or Video?

It is not currently possible to skim either a PDF or a Video link. This is something we’re working on for the future. If you want us to work on it sooner, then let us know, and we’ll bump up the priority! -

Can I access an API to use skims in my own products?

Yes! Contact and we’ll send you documentation and an API Key.

Can I use a mobile app?

We have both Android and iOS apps available to download.